At LifeWorks of Ohio, our mission is to offer therapeutic treatments that instill healing and hope for individuals facing mental health challenges, as well as their families and the communities influenced by cultural adaptation. Through our comprehensive approach, we strive to empower individuals to overcome obstacles, enhance their well-being, and foster resilience. 


In envisioning the future of Life Works of Ohio, we see a clinic renowned for its exceptional provision of mental health and behavioral therapies, placing particular emphasis on addressing the unique challenges confronting our children and adolescents. 


General Services

Clinic built on a strong foundation that believes in building trusting relationships with patients, families, physicians, and all other individuals devoted to the care and safety of any patient. We strive every day to provide quality leadership and services

Consultation Services

Will provides consultation services to individualized to therapeutic behavioral services, such as children, adolescents, and younger adult based on their needs. Practitioners are trained to provide appropriate treatment and consult services as needed in this area.

Our Values

  • Culturally responsive, person- and family-centered recovery.
  • Inspired by the potential for wellness and recovery in those we serve.
  • Foster respectful partnerships to enhance our capabilities.
  • Employ proven practices and technologies to prevent and address mental illness and substance use, promoting health in individuals, families, and communities.