Our Services

General Services

Clinic built on a strong foundation that believes in building trusting relationships with patients, families, physicians, and all other individuals devoted to the care and safety of any patient. We strive every day to provide quality leadership and services to our entire community in efforts of preventing, reducing, and maximizing the residual effects of behavioral problems. Life Works of Ohio provides therapeutic services and psychosocial rehabilitation.

Consultation Services

Will provides consultation services to individualized to therapeutic behavioral services, such as children, adolescents, and younger adult based on their needs. Practitioners are trained to provide appropriate treatment and consult services as needed in this area. Program rules and expectations. Client rights policy and grievance procedures

Prevention Services 


Prioritize the best programs or practices that will be best fit for our clients. We offer individualized based referrals, bus passes, T.V. Education, Counseling, feedback and great communication, also offer flexible scheduling, prevention activities in stages and provide support and training for all clients.

Referral Services 

Life works of Ohio intends to provide services in the least restrictive setting and mostly, in the natural environment of the individual receiving services. While providing services, the organization will pay attention to the perceived needs of the person receiving services and undertakes a culturological assessment of the client including medical and behavioral assessment also ensures the continuity of therapeutic relationships. In any event Life Works of Ohio is unable to provide the required services for the clients with severe behavior and psychosocial concerns, mental health disability and children with severe emotional disturbance then the clinic will refer the client to other appropriate providers systems or organizations to meet the identified needs of the client.